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Saw this group in Animal Kingdom. Absolutely amazing! If you get a chance to see them stick around for 20 to 30 minutes, you will not be disappointed. You get immersed in the music so easily.
Absolutely mesmerizing!! You are the only reason we go to this park..
say you guys at animal kingdom today. just wanted to say you guys are awsome! thanks for the great music
Master playing sitar right after Solar eclipse on August 21. I was fortunate that I arrived when he started and my camera was ready. His sitar playing reminded me of stories from India when masters could cause fire over water or caused rain with blue skies. Outstanding sitar player and a true master. Not a surprise that soon Disney movies will have play his Sitar
So I'm walking through Animal Kingdom thinking: "Where is that cool Indian music coming from? I wander through the crowd to find Chakranadi playing this amazing sound. Love it....and this has opened up a whole new music genre for me! One of the reason's I'm starting to appreciate visits to WDW more is exposure to artists of your calibre that I may have not heard otherwise!
Enjoyed listening to a set you played yesterday afternoon @ Animal Kingdom. Spoke with your Tabla player (sorry, didn't get his name) about how he mics the tabla. I have done sound for an Indian/western fusion band called Aradhana & suggested checking them and Christopher Hale out (lead vocalist & sitarist). If either of you are in the Toronto area in the future, please feel free to contact me at the email adddress given above. I will check out your website more thouroughly once I get home & have internet service that will support viewing videos etc. (don't have that where I am staying at present).
Bonjour, Je vous ai vu à Animal's Kingdom. C'était fantastique, votre musique est merveilleuse et nous fait voyager. Après des recherches sur internet, j'ai enfin trouvé votre site et j'ai acheté votre cd. Merci pour ces beaux moments Cordialement, Denis Paulin St-Apollinaire, Québec, Canada
Saw you at Animal Kjngdom and loved the sound. Made me dance right there. Got Animal Tracks from iTunes and loving it too. Thanks so much.
We were lucky enough to see you perform @ Animal Kingdom back in Feb and it was the best part of our trip to that park. Just bought one of your albums on iTunes. Great stuff, thank you!
Namaste. I stop by to see Chakranadi every time I go to Animal Kingdom and I appreciate all the passion that goes into your music. I finally found your CD 'Animal Tracks' and will be purchasing it soon. Absolutely love the title song, and will keep listening as long as you play! -S
saw you at Disney this last summer 2015! Great stuff!
Hi Stephan, your name came up twice today, so just wanted to say hi. The first time was your great 'make noise' shirt and again when a friend mentioned having had worked in South Beach. So we are enjoying your tunes right now. Thanks for being you. Thommy
We were in Disney World in December 2014 and watched you play at animal Kingdom.I took a video and have been meaning to find out how to purchase your CD. I wish I knew the name of the song you played it was my absolute favorite. My video was accidentally deleted by my three-year-old. Would love to purchase the CD with that song on it. I have been scrolling through the various sites where we can preview the songs trying to find that particular tune. Your music is simply beautiful!!! Your music was the highlight of our trip! Thank you Jennifer
I saw you playing at Disney's Animal Kingdom last week. I loved your music. I couldn't wait to get home and look for your music. I bought a few of your albums off "Bandcamp". Thank you for the great music! :)
Recently heard your music for the first time here in Boston at one of the college music stations - quite superb!! Long time lover of sitar and classical Indian music. Also heard your playing various instruments from around the world. Bravo!!
I have the privilege of hearing this beautiful music at work several times per week. I am totally engrossed every time i pass by and would love to sit all day and watch. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful gift with the world.
Today i se you in Disney and tour musical is a regard for my ears. Congratulations master.
Hello Stephan, It was a few years back in Ft. Myers, Fla. that I first heard you at an Art's and Craft's Show. You had a small table set up behind your van and a beautiful black lab with you. It was summertime and I was drawn by that magical sound of that sitar in the open air. After speaking with you I bought two "cassettes" that I later transposed to CD and still have today. Thank You for keeping that passion and commitment you have to play and God bless you!
I love the song Agri-culture, and so do my fifth graders. Shouldn't it be AGRA-culture or is that a mis-print in itunes? I love the music and will buy more now that I know who did Agri-culture
Stephan, I saw your show a few days ago at Animal Kingdom and thought it was amazing! I was curious how I might go about learning the Sitar?
Where can I purchase the CD? I do not want to download it. Thank you for the soothing music.
I have almost worn out the good, the bad, and the karmic & before you see. Glad to find you again, to up my meditative music.
Stephan, I needed to say your sitar playing was amazing. You truly made my trip to Disney more than worthwhile. It has been a long time since I saw someone who thoroughly enjoyed playing their instrument as much as you. I jammed along with you in my head. :). The store workers have no idea how lucky they are to hear such fresh music of your caliber for free. I can't wait to hear you again!
I'm listening to your Afternoon and Evening Ragas. Christmas always has your Sitar Christmas being played. My wife and I ran into you and your wife at a fair on Rickenbacker Key a couple of years ago, where we bought a couple of CDs from you. I remeber hearing you play at Akash restaurant 20 years ago, and we were very happy to see you accompanying the late, great Master Ravi Shankar and Anoushka a few years ago. I'm here to say hello, and to buy a CD. Shanti, Dr. Mark
It was 16 years ago bro.......:) Gosh the 'captcha' was tough last time......:)
Stephan, it's been so many years, I have your album in my CD player. Much has happened since I toured w/you and the wife in Florida Art Shows.....If I remember correctly we did 4 together, or we were at the same one, where your music made ALL THE DIFFERENCE. If you remember a red headed guy with a wild woman who once you allowed to play your Sitar, and he sat right down and 'did it', blew your mind...........then I gave you an album of mine, and you called a long time after, and told me 'that you heard something new, something different, each time you listened',well, I found you brother. the names have been changed to protect the innocent but you can fb me paul.harry.777 I think,,,google brings it up when you put in paul harry 777, and/or you can write to my email and I'm in that box every day or two..Peace/Love to You and Your Wife. CD has a red cover, and is called 'Debut'......great to hear more music....
Hello Mike. Love the CD you gifted to me whn I saw you at the Broward Museum. I have always enjoyed your music. Best of luck and hope to hear you at a concert. Kindly email me your schedule. Sincerely Bharath Boochoon Florida Indian Cultural Assn Inc.
Do u have a Facebook page?
Would like to takeclasses.thanks.
Hello Stephan,first heard sitar music as a young boy as my father liked the music of Ravi Shankhar.It has allways had such a spiritual,and relaxing quality to it.I first heard you play the sitar in Grand Haven MI at the art fair there around 2006.I was mesmerized from that point and of course I had to buy a CD.I love the way you fuse your various sounds together.I have since moved to the Louisville KY area.Would love you to come here sometime.This area has a rich arts scene,check out the NuLu scene,the St.James Art Fair is HUGE,or the Bardstown Rd area,are all very cool....Just saying...
Very nice to meet you and talk a little, sorry I had to leave. Will have to show you my guitars one day. Meanwhile I posted one of your YT songs to my facebook page, maybe help get you another new fan. Cheers.
Stephan, I was just listening to Afterlife blues (one of my favorites from secret songs of a sitar player) that i purchased over fifteen years ago in Jacksonville, Florida and felt compelled to tell you thank you for making the world a beautiful place with your music, i could listen this all day, truly awesome, sir !!
Hey Stephan, Still listening to your music after all these years. Did you know that the calendar feature is not working? Would love to hear you again some day. J
You have a wonderful website Please read my website http://roostershamblin.wordpress.com/
dear stephan, just found your site. keep up the good work. best wishes http://www.eventim.co.uk/
I saw you in Pennsylvania a few times, particularly in Lancaster some time ago. When will you come our way again? The picture that I had of us has been destroyed, and I would love to make another. Chao
I write a monthly newsletter for gourd artists and crafters. This month, our main feature is on unusual instruments made from gourds. I would like to include a couple of photos from your website and a link so they may visit your page. Here is an example of last month's issue, which had part one of the gourd musical instruments. http://arizonagourds.com/Oct2010.html Thank you, Bonnie Reply to: bonnie@arizonagourds.com
I write a monthly newsletter for gourd artists and crafters. This month, our main feature is on unusual instruments made from gourds. I would like to include a couple of photos from your website and a link so they may visit your page. Here is an example of last month's issue, which had part one of the gourd musical instruments. http://arizonagourds.com/Oct2010.html Thank you, Bonnie Reply to: bonnie@arizonagourds.com
Greetings, I know your sister from the Center for Non-Dualism in Fort Walton Beach. She suggested I check out your music. I'm glad she did. Peace, Ray
I love your music, it is really something else. After I listen to it, it lingers in my head for a long time in a very soothing manner. It is my opinion that you are by far the very best sitar musician for the Western ear. May Peace and Happiness Abound, Omar Zafra
Thank you for telling us Donovan is on Facebook: I now joined FB, will send my note to him tomorrow : -)) Enjoy Stephan & Bonnie!!
Peaceful Greetings Bonnie and Stephan, I would have e-mailed you both sooner, but with my two little daughter's (Alexa 10, Victoria 5) I'm kept rather busy, a joyful busy :-)) indeed. My daughter Alexa & I had the extreme pleasure of meeting you both @ the KB Arts Festival 3/20/2010. BTW, we thoroughly enjoy listening to Stephan's CD's that we purchased @ this festival :-)) best purchase I've made in a long time!! How beautiful and wonderful the sounds!! Bonnie, I'm the one with the two adopted Chinese daughter's (Alexa & Victoria) Alexa was with me and had on the "Woodstock" T-shirt that you said" I like your T-shirt" well, this then went on to fun,interesting, insightful conversations :-)) We spoke of Woodstock and how my older sister, Valerie, took me to Woodstock when I was 10 and you said you were 14 and dreamed of going! Another was Donovan and how my girl's & I are wanting to meet & see Donovan who is headlining the Moseley 3-Day Folk Festival Sept 3-5 in England.(More of a spiritual idea re; to my older sister Valerie, who I had mentioned died 6 yrs ago, she would play Donovan on her acoustic guitar for me when I was very young after our mother died at an early age) You both gave me the courage to go ahead & write Donovan, in the process. Stephan, you spoke of meeting Donovan and how he is "quite friendly and just wants to keep the vibe going" and your wonderful travels and the people you have performed with. You were/are so gracious enough to stop playing your beautiful sitar to speak to my daughter and I. I thank you both for your kindness and loving way about you. Last but certainly not least, opening our heart & soul to your beautiful sitar playing!! I believe people come into ones life for a reason, some stay, some move on. I joined your e-mail list and would love to see you both again when visiting our friends in KB, whether performing or another art venue. One of my favorite quotes I try and live with my daughter's fits you both as well "You must Be the change you wish to see in the world" Gandhi again "I can no other answer make but thanks, and thanks and ever thanks." Shakespeare Peace and Love Abound!!! Enjoy!!! Claire, Alexa, & Victoria PS, Alexa's Chinese name means "Wondrous Journey" and so far that it has been!!
Dear Stephan: I'm leaving a message here, as I do not belong to Mac Mobile, and in fact, I use a very basic non-text message cell phone. However, I spoke with you and Bonnie at the art show on 3/20, and we'd love to have you guys pay us a social visit. I am on holiday for 10 days beginning 3/30, and I don't work summers. Rose Marie and I enjoy good conversation, music, cheese and wine, an occasional desert with interesting people. Our land line is 305-653-4841, but since I'm doing the inviting, I suppose I should phone. Until then. Shanti/Shalom/Salaam/Pax/Peace Mark & Rose
Namasté Everyone! I had the guestbook turned off for a long time due to lots of spam... Back on now with a code... Please post your greetings and say Hello!

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